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Cyklon X Complete Kit Metal

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By combining the finest and most powerful, cold water juggernaut Xstream first stage with the 60+ year old, trustworthy and always improving, world famous Cyklon second stage, we have created a truly robust and reliable regulator. This perfectly breathing regulator is for any diver who wants the power and reliability of the Xstream with the durability and downstream capabilities of the Cyklon.


  • Xstream Cyklon first stage (DIN)
  • Cyklon 5000 second stage
  • Cyklon 5000 Octopus
  • 1 x LP-Hose 70 cm / 27.5"
  • 1 x LP-Hose 90 cm / 35,5"
  • Cirrus pressure gauge (bar and psi)
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