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Bare Men's 3mm Reactive Full Wetsuit

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Stay warmer underwater with the power of science! The Bare Reactive Wetsuit uses special infrared technology fabric to scientifically increase your warmth underwater, while simultaneously promoting better circulation. The wasted body heat produced while scuba diving is turned into usable infrared energy that maintains thermoregulation while you spend time underwater. The lining of the Bare Reactive Wetsuit has 13 thermo-reactive minerals woven into the neoprene fabric; these minerals react with the heat given off by your body underwater, and effectively convert it to infrared energy that is reflected back to you, providing a cycle of warmth. Not only does this fabric keep you warm, but infrared energy has been known to have positive effects on the body for promoting circulation and increasing tissue oxygen levels. The infrared energy created when you wear the Bare Reactive 3mm Men's Wetsuit also stimulates cell performance and regeneration to give you a boost in stamina and endurance during your water sports activities. 

  • Increased warmth and better circulation
  • Faster recovery time
  • No stitch technology provides taped seams inside and out
  • S-Lock2 back zipper protects against water entry
  • Seamless underarms offer comfort and mobility
  • Celliant infrared fabric 
  • Contoured Glideskin collar
  • Glideskin wrist seals 
  • 3-D knee pads
  • Skin to skin ankle seals
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