Mother's Day Scuba Gift Idea

Mothersday Scuba Gift

Save the reef this Mother's Day! Get her lionfish jewelry!

Lionfish are a highly invasive exotic species that are currently wreaking havoc on reefs in Florida and throughout the Caribbean. They are voracious predators and eat native fish that are important to South Florida ecosystems and economies, but have no predators in Florida. Removing lionfish from our reefs is critical to the health of reefs and marine ecosystems in Florida. Get your mom this Mother's Day her very own Lionfish Jewelry at Force-E Scuba Centers. 
Lionfish Jewelry

Lionfish Earrings

  • Handmade
  • Material: Jewelry resin, silver
  • Round Earrings are 1 Inch in diameter
  • Drop Earrings are ~1.5 Inches in length 



Buy your Lionfish Jewelry

Each Earring set is handmade from a lionfish that was speared in South Florida. The fin rays are cleaned, dried, and then sealed using a jewelry resin and it does NOT have a fishy smell. The artist behind these unique pieces is Kate Galloway, who is a local PhD student at FAU. Buying her creations helps her learn more about this fish for her research and it eliminates them off our Florida reefs. 

Like lionfish themselves, each earring is unique and may have a different pattern or orientation. So get your mom this Mother's Day her very own unique piece of Lionfish Jewelry at Force-E Scuba Centers.

Mother's Day Scuba

Give the gift of Scuba! Give mom a mother's day she will never forget. Scuba diving is a life long sport that will inspire memories for her for years to come. Learn More

Mothers Day Scuba Trips

Want to make your own Lionfish Jewelry with your mom? Join us on May 12 for our Lionfish Social at our Force-E Pompano Beach Location. Sign up to reserve your spots. 

Mothers day gift cards

Gift Cards! Everyone loves getting gift cards...purchase a gift card from Force-E Scuba and let your mom do the shopping. 

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