Mother's Day Scuba Gift Idea

Mothersday Scuba Gift

Give your mom an eight armed hug for Mother's Day with octopus jewelry!

Octopus are some of the most stylist critters with their long tentacles and their color changing patterns, especially the octopus of the famous Blue Heron Bridge. Our Force-E Ambassador, Dr. Chelsea Bennice, is a local researcher studying these octopus and she created fun jewelry to support her research. Check out her designs ranging from bracelets to earrings and make them the perfect gift for your mother on Mother's Day! 
Octopus Jewelry

Octopus Earrings

  • Handmade
  • Material: silver 
  • Round Earrings with octopus arm
  • Drop Earrings range from octopus charms and mermaid charms  



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Octopus Jewelry

Octopus Bracelets

  • Handmade
  • Material: silver 
  • SlipKnot designs with octopus charm
  • Bangle designs range from octopus charms and mermaid charms  



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Like octopus themselves, each earring and bracelet is unique and helps aid in the research of octopus at the Blue Heron Bridge. So get your mom this Mother's Day her very own unique piece of Octopus Jewelry at Force-E Scuba Centers.

Mother's Day Scuba

Give the gift of Scuba! Give mom a mother's day she will never forget. Scuba diving is a life long sport that will inspire memories for her for years to come. Learn More

Mothers Day Scuba Trips

Want a dive adventure with your mom? Hire a professional Force-E Dive Guide to take you and your mom diving at the famous Blue Heron Bridge to meet an Octopus in person!  

Mothers day gift cards

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