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ABBiller Slimline Tip Rockpoint Detachable Adapter

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Having spare spear points on hand when out on the hunt is just good sense. Don't let a damaged spear point ruin a day or multi-day hunting trip. Hardened stainless spring steel rock point tip, with detachable adapter (055-R-DE) double barb, swivel, safety cap. Designed for large powerful. This tips detachable bushing and cable hangs on no matter how hard the fight while minimizing damage to your spear shaft. By using hardened stainless spring steel in the manufacture of these tips AB Biller has created what every spearfisherman is looking for maximum strength and durability, reduced diameter, weight and drag as well as an easy and fast way to extract fish from the tip. Great save-a-dive-kit item. The dive you save might just be your own!

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