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Aqua Lung Womens Aquaflex 6/5/3 Hooded Vest NLA

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The AquaFlex Vests are a popular accessory to provide additional warmth to any of our jumpsuits. The Aqua Lung Vests are made with various thicknesses of Super-stretch neoprene to provide maximum insulation in high heat-loss areas, while making the vest easy to don and doff.

  • 6mm super-stretch neoprene is used on the hood with a 4mm skin-in-face seal which is designed to be easily trimmed
  • The front and back panels are 5mm neoprene, with 3mm panels on the side for increased stretch and fit, allowing for easy donning and doffing of the vest
  • A bubble vent is built into the hood to allow trapped exhauwst bubbles to easily escape
| Eleanor 11-12-2020 22:17

I won't even think about going in the water in December without this hooded vest! It keeps me so warm, and, it's super cute!

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