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Bare Womens 7mm Evoke Full Wetsuit 2021

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Bare Womens 7mm Evoke Full Wetsuit 2021. Representing a giant leap in wetsuit innovation, the BARE Evoke 7mm integrates Graphene Technology, a carbon nanostructure lining that captures and utilizes your body heat. By tapping your body’s thermal energy output, the Evoke can insulate your core and keep you warm for hours on end, allowing max comfort on every dive. Bare Womens 7mm Evoke Full Wetsuit 2021 In fact, lab tests have shown Graphene yields a 5-degree Celsius average temp increase over our original OMNIRED Technology.

Fundamentally, Graphene is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon arranged in a hexagonal lattice structure. At room temperature, it’s one of the best conductors of thermal energy ever discovered. Materially, Graphene is strong, flexible, lightweight and, of course, highly conductive—all traits that are well suited for use in a wetsuit.

Additionally, in a step toward sustainable design, the Evoke is made from limestone-based foam that minimizes pollution while performing at the same level (or higher) as petroleum-based alternatives. Dope-dyed fibers cut pollution and wastewater discharge in our textile operations, and water-based glue—rather than solvent—perform over the long life of the suit while sparing the air of unclean toxins during production.

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