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Brownie's Quick Release Swivel Fittings

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Quick Release Swivel Fittings – Brownie’s proprietary Quick Release Swivel (QRS) hose fittings greatly reduce the chance of kinks and bent hose that would restrict the air flow. 

Another Brownie’s™ exclusive! Our proprietary design cuts hose assembly time by over 95%. Connect or disconnect hoses in a snap, this allows you to customize your hose configuration in seconds. An audible “click” confirms the connection is secure. To prevent accidental separation, two hands are needed to disengage the connection. The swiveling design reduces kinks and tangles while you dive.
Our Quick Connect feature makes assembly and break down a snap. Newly reformulated material is lightweight and even more resilient and impact resistant. These fittings will never “bind” like brass fittings can from repeated exposure to salt and sand. They also weigh half as much and won’t scratch your gel coat!

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