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Hammerhead Remora Reel

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Remora Reel provide a tether to that trophy fish once a shot is placed. A slow controlled tension stops their escape and allows you to fight the fish from the surface. When fish become wary increase your stealth by diving with a reel rather than a float line or combine the two for added stopping power. HD CONSTRUCTION Durable Stainless Steel sliding bracket, line guide, and axel. Smooth drag washers apply even tension to the line. Nylon composite spool and side plates reduce weight. UNIVERAL SYSTEM With two horizontal mounting brackets for rail or wood guns HammerHead Remora Reels attach to just about any speargun. Extruded aluminum or plastic track spearguns such as the Evolution, Rob Allen, Aimrite, or Rabitech are no problem. Screw the flat wood mount into teak guns, hybrids, Riffe Euros, and customs. For the strongest most permanent attachment flush mount the stainless steel bracket direct.

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