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Hammerhead Mahi Mahi Ahi Dentex Gloves

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  • A KNOCK-OUT! Our Best Selling Spearfishing and Lobstering Gloves now with EKP!
  • Enhanced Knuckle Protection (EKP) guards the back of your hands
  • Trapezium Cut-Away for Stronger Grip and Dexterity
  • Chemical and Heat Resistant Nitrile Grip Coated Palm
  • ANSI Cut Level 5, Puncture Level 3 Protection
| Farrell Tiller 17-04-2020 13:04

Excellent glove for spearfishing/lobstering. The padding on the back not only gives you some extra protection from rocks, line wraps, etc. but it also makes it easier to take the gloves on and off. Highly recommend!

| Zachary 14-04-2020 15:57

One of the best wreck/lobstering glove out there!

5 stars based on 2 reviews