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Brownie's Third Lung Hookah Diving!

Hookah Diving System

Hookah Diving - Redefined.
Brownie's thrid lung offers a basic form of surface-supplied diving in which either fresh air is drawn from the surface through an oil less air breathing quality compressor or stored in a scuba cylinder and left topside and then sent down a hose for the diver below to breath free and easy. Brownie's most versatile systems are mounted in a lightweight, super-strong and impact resistant case that sets into a highly visible and durable float tube. Powered by your choice of gasoline or battery, our largest floating system can accommodate up to 4 divers.

Brownie Third Lung
Brownie Third Lung
Brownie Third Lung

More Dive Time
With Variable Speed technology, you get motor running for air on demand. Battery use is less, diver time longer!

Green Diving
Dive using electrical power in batteries, not gas. No more pouring and spilling gas before diving, unplug and go!

Brownie Third Lung

Quiet Diving
No more gas engine running at the surface... green diving with only a quiet electric motor running.

Battery Switching
Switch out batteries easily and keep diving with our patented Brownie's Third Lung Batteries for more diving time.

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