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Lionfish Removal Kit

Lionfish Spearfishing Kit

If you can't beat them, Then eat them!

Eating non-native lionfish is good for the environment. Lionfish are invasive to Florida and they can really disrupt the ecosystem on the reefs, so its encouraged for divers to catch them. The lionfish take out lots of the tropical fish on the reefs and whats worse, there is no known predator of the lionfish...until now. Divers might be the answer to the extinction of the non-native lionfish in Florida, and in this case this is a very good thing. How can you help? Start Lionfishing!

Lionfish Removal

Lionfish Removal Kit Consists of:

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  • Trident 6 Prong 28" Lionfish Spearpole
  • HammerHead Gloves
  • Zoo-Keeper Lionfish Containment Unit (three sizes to choose from)
  • Sea Snip Scissors FREE!
  • Lionfish T-Shirt FREE!

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Lionfish Sings can be quite painful. You might also consider a lionfish first aid kit too. Be Prepared!

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