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Get Your Spiny Lobster Kit!

Spiny Lobster Kit

Get the gear you need for Spiny Lobster

Let's face it... with Mini Season madness, the lobster fever we get during the regular season, having the right kit makes all the difference. There are so many different kits, and ways and techniques to catch lobster. Here at Force-E Scuba Centers we asked our staff and the folks who lobster proficiently as to what they honestly use. Our kit comes from the experts and will certainly up your lobstering game.

Lobster Kit

Spiny Lobster Kit Consists of:

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  • Ring 1-1/4'' SS Split Ring
  • Clip Double End Eye Clip 4'' SS
  • Lobster Gauge Deluxe Aluminum
  • Lobster Inn Nylon - Deluxe w/zipper
  • Lobster Loop Green
  • HammerHead Gloves

Complete Kit:


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