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Aquatic Hunt Lionfish Locker

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The Aquatic Hunt Lionfish Locker. The newest way to hunt and contain lionfish.



- available in 3 sizes at Force-E (15", 20", 25") and 2 colors (sharkskin, blue water)
- built in spear storage and a sturdy handle
- up to 30% more capacity than round containment systems
- instant drainage when handing onto a boat or dock (under 3 seconds)
- 4 clip off locations to keep your gear streamlined on your right or left side
- spring loaded door opens easily to empty your catch
- two units can be fastened together for derbies or heavily populated areas
- breaks down flat for travel, drill required to drive screws on endcaps


When pushing the lionfish into the Lionfish Locker, avoid plunging the entire spear in and
push just the fish and spear tip in for the best experience.



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