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Mares Puck Pro Computer

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The new Mares Puck Pro+ Dive Computer is a reliable wrist computer for the recreational diver with intuitive features. The slim design in non-instrusive on your wrist, and has an adjustable wrist strap. One-button operation is easy-to-use, displaying all of your necessary dive profile information. Store up to 35 hours of dive profile information in the logbook. The Puck Pro+ Dive Computer also has a bottom timer mode with resettable average depth and a stopwatch. Mares Puck Pro+ Wrist Dive Computer: Slim, sleek design Intuitive user interface has one-button simplicity 35 hour dive logbook at a 5 second sampling rate Upgradeable firmware Bottom timer mode with re-settable average depth Stopwatch User replaceable battery Available in black or white. 

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