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Marine Sports ID Card - Mangroves

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If you are a warm water Kayaker, Snorkler, Diver or are planning a Trip to Florida the Florida Keys or anywhere in the Tropical Atlantic, this I.D. Card is a must for Above and Underwater Identification in the Mangroves. This Full-Color Fish Marine Invertebrate and Corals Identification Card allow you to know what Local-Wildlife you are looking at when you see it. This is totally NEW artwork project by Idaz Greenberg and Easily-Stows in your BCD Pocket. It is Waterproof and hangs beautifully on the wall. 68 illustrations of the most commonly seen Mangrove trees, birds, fish, animals, algae, and invertebrates. 6 X 9 Inches

| Roger 02-12-2021 00:45

This is a great way to learn about the animals I spot while out in nature!

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