Spare Air Model 300 - Standard - Force-E Scuba Centers

Spare Air 3 cu ft Package

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  • 3.0 cubic feet of air.
  • Tank finish in durable Anodized Black.
  • Easily refills from your own SCUBA tank with included refill adapter (patented).
  • Easily attaches to your BC with included holster and safety leash.
  • Small, hands-free, nearly neutrally buoyant.
  • Breathe on demand regulator - No complicated instructions.
  • Completely redundant back-up miniature SCUBA system.
  • Faster than buddy breathing and easier than an octopus.

| Burt 11-12-2020 22:34

I hope I never have to use this, but, I sure do feel more safe knowing I have it with me under water!

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