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SeaDive EagleEye Rayblocker HD Mask w Purge

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The Seadive Eagleye HD Scuba Mask is a technologically advanced mask with a high definition lens. The HD lens refines the light that enters the lens, giving you a brighter and sharper vision regardless of the current water conditions and/or visibility. The lens blocks out UV rays and glare, which improves your view. This dive mask is designed to fit most faces, and is perfect for freediving and snorkeling as well. See the sea the way it was meant to be seen with the SeaDive Eagleye Rayblocker HD Mask. The Seadive Eagleye HD Snorkel Mask features RayBlocker-HD tempered glass lenses for clear, glare-free vision above and below the waves. Most scuba masks come with tempered glass lenses nowadays, but only the Seadive Eagleye Rayblocker HD Purge Scuba Mask treats that tempered glass with a special RayBlocker-HD treatment that blocks out harmful UV rays as well as the glare and distortion. This improves visual clarity in bright environments and also reduces the time it takes your eyes to adjust as you go above or below the surface. There is an easily adjusted buckle on the mask skirt to make getting the perfect fit simple. Wherever you choose to explore - warm or ice-cold water - the SeaDive Eagleye Rayblocker HD Purge Mask will keep your sight clear. Designed to resist fogging in any water temperature Tempered Glass Construction for improved durability and safety RayBlocker-HD Lenses reduce glare and surface grit Protection against harmful UV rays Quicker vision-return upon surfacing Easy-adjust buckle makes getting the correct fit easy.

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