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Marine Sports Boat Soap -Bait Safe 1oz

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BLUE Concentrated Boat Soap is made from a natural oil blend containing lemon, lemongrass, and cedar oil along with other naturally deodorizing oils. BLUE helps to remove fish and other sea life odors from plastics and fiberglass, and may also help to remove rust stains. We created and named our product Blue for our planet and the sea, which we all want to protect for future generations. Think Blue- it’s the new Green! BLUE has been tested in an independent ecology laboratory and is Readily Biodegradable in Seawater. Biodegrades around 16 days. BLUE was tested for acute toxicity on juvenile fathead minnows using globally accepted test method OECD 203 limit test. BLUE had no toxicity to the fish.
NON-TOXIC TO SEA LIFE: At Expected Environmental Concentrations (E.E.C.), BLUE was found to be non-toxic to marine microorganisms. BLUE helps remove bird feces, dirt, grime, salt deposits and even fish blood and more. BLUE is an all-purpose, all surface boat wash that cleans entire boat exterior surfaces.
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