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Group Freediver Course Special $425*

If you've ever dreamt of silently entering the underwater realm, on your own terms, staying submerged as long as your breath allows, then freediving is your calling. Freediving is all about inner strength, self-discipline, and control. Taking the Force-E Freediver course is your initial step toward understanding why freediving is becoming an increasingly popular way to explore beneath the ocean's surface.

The Force-E Freediver course covers essential knowledge about the sport, safety procedures, practical sessions in a pool to learn breath-holding techniques, including static and dynamic apnea, and an open water session to practice your dives using freediving equipment.

To enroll in this course, you must be at least 15 years old. You should have reasonable swimming abilities and be in good physical health. No previous experience with snorkeling, skin diving, or freediving is required.

The cost includes SSI Freediver academic materials, classroom instruction, pool sessions, open water sessions, and SSI Freediver Level 1 certification.

Group Course Schedule 2024:

Freediving courses are currently available every weekend. If you need a course during the week, please reach out to us for information on availability.

*Group Freediver Course Special $425...must be purchased before March 31, 2024. Course start date must be before March 31 for this special offer, if past this date, upgrade fees apply; not eligible for
refund beyond one year, store credit only.

Select which class is right for you, add to the cart/pay and our instructor will contact you with the next steps. *ALL our group classes are currently held at our Ft Lauderdale location, and group classes consist of 2+ students. 

If the above schedule doesn't fit with yours; no worries, we have a 2 day Private Class which is $600, you set the schedule. Select from the dropdown menu and our instructor will be in touch with the dates you will be available. 

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