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Hammerhead MV3 Action Mask GoPro Attachment

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The Hammerhead MV3 Mask is designed with a low internal volume that's suitable for freediving and spearfishing, with a black silicone mask skirt to help block out unwanted side light for less glare on the glass and a clearer view into the underwater world. The MV3 Action comes with a built-in GoPro Mount.  When you are in the action so is your GoPro and you are capturing every moment of that action from your perspective!
Ultra Clear Lenses are good for any time, day or night.  Ultra clear glass with no tinting. 
Yellow Mirror Tint Lenses have a mirror coating on the outside of your lens that reflects light. The yellow tint reduces eye-strain and enhances the contrast of the underwater world much like sunglasses. In addition to these benefits, mirroring conceals your eyes from your prey.
Purple ARC Lenses are made with an Anti-Reflective Coating (ARC) which effectively blocks reflected light to produces crisp, clear vision underwater. ARC lenses are designed to increase the amount of available light transmitted to the diver's eye while underwater. ARC lenses will enhance contrast and clarity of the underwater world, while reducing eye-strain and glare that hinders vision. ARC lenses are especially helpful in low light conditions, especially when lobstering or hunting under ledges.
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