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Henderson Womens Jumpsuit Lycra PINK

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The sheer versatility of Hot Skins has made them a staple for all types of ocean lovers, especially divers and snorkelers. Made from premium grade blend of Nylon/Lycra, they help shield the skin from abrasion, UV rays and biological irritants. Lycra Hot Skins are sewn from material prized for its stretch and strength. Durable over-lock stitching is used on the full-body jumpsuits. Combined with attractive styling, Hot Skins look great, allow for nearly total freedom of movement and stand up to the rigors of an active lifestyle.

Each full-length jumpsuit comes equipped with thumb loops, heel straps and a tough, non-corrosive #5 YKK zipper. The Henderson Shoulder Patterned full suit can be worn alone in tropical conditions or may be used for layering under an exposure suit for easier donning of exposure suit and added thermal protection

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