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Speared NOVO Wetsuit PANTS/TOP

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This is not your "run of the mill" suit! We spent a year developing this suit in hopes of creating the best wetsuit in the Spearfishing Market. Those that have had the chance to try it have agreed, this is the best wetsuit available at this point! We teamed with Henderson Wetsuits to be sure we had the highest quality available. You will not be disappointed!

  • 3mm
  • Full Fleece Lining (NO LUBE NEEDED)
  • 2 piece
  • Waist high pants
  • The best stretch on the market!
| Farrell Tiller 31-03-2020 14:38

4.5 stars- Love this wetsuit from Speared. The full fleece lining is definitely more durable and easy to take on and off compared to traditional open cell Freediving/Spearfishing suits, an obvious plus for spearfishing. I do believe, however, there is some trade off as the traditional open cell wetsuit provides a little more warmth... with that being said, this 3mm wetsuit from speared will certainly get you through the mild winters in South FL ;)

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