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Mares Sea Pals Jr Combo Mask/Snk

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Such a cute set! Your kids will love taking this HEAD Sea Pals Jr Dry Combo set along on every water adventure. The sea creature themed backpack is just the beginning. This nylon roll top bag with snap closure keeps your kid’s gear safely tucked inside. Since the top rolls down to secure everything, you can control how tall or short the bag is.

Inside the bag, they’ll discover their new mask and snorkel. Featuring a soft, silicone mask skirt, the mask will fit comfortably and conform to their face for a great seal. Just adjust the mask strap and they’re ready to go. When they’re done, release that mask strap clip from one side of the mask and they’re off and running.

The dry snorkel keeps water out of the tube with the top which seals closed when submerged. With the snorkel keeper, you know that snorkel will be right where they need it when they need it. Made with kids and parents in mind, this set is durable and easy to use. Pick one up today and enjoy the delight in your child’s eyes when they see it.


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