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Armor Snorkeler Bag Force-E

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The Armor Snorkeler Mesh Bag is constructed of quality nylon mesh and is compact and quick drying. This bag easily holds a full snorkel set yet folds small enough to be easily stored in your travel bag. The Armor Snorkeler Mesh Bag measures 28" x 16" (71 x 41 cm) and features a cord-lock draw string closure with strings attached to the sides of the bag, making it possible to comfortably wear the snorkeler as a backpack.

The snorkeler also has an external nylon pocket that is perfect for storing your sunscreen and sunglasses, or other various sundries. Because the bag is constructed of mesh, once you get back from the beach or boat you can dip the entire bag (gear included) in the dunk tank or bathtub to clean your gear and hang to dry!

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