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Tusa Liberator Mask & Snorkel Set

Article number: UC-5019-SK
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The TUSA Sport Liberator Snorkeling Combo includes a high-quality Liberator 2-window low volume mask with enhanced vision for a wide field of view. The masks EZ adjust buckle technology allows mask to be quickly and easily adjusted with minimal effort for a precise fit and ease-of-Removal when necessary. The Liberator Mask has Clear-Vu tempered glass lenses that provides superior clarity, color, transmission of light and safety over standard inferior glass. The double feathered edge skirt is made from hypoallergenic crystal silicone along with the wide split strap. The double feathered edge silicone skirt and wide split strap combined for a comfortable and perfect seal on the face. Mask has an easy-to-reach one handed nose pocket for ear equalization which can be utilized even when wearing thick gloves. The Snorkel features TUSA Hyper-Dry Technology that reduces water flow into the snorkel, a drain chamber with one-way purge valve for easy clearing and hypoallergenic crystal silicone swivel and removable mouthpiece. This semi-dry contoured tube snorkel has a corrugated flex tube which drops away from the face when not in the diver's mouth making it a great snorkel for Scuba. This semi-dry contoured tube snorkel comes with a snorkel keeper. The TUSA Sport Liberator Snorkeling Combo is designed for adults and is available in multiple colors.

| Dennis 06-01-2021 20:07

I like this mask and snorkel set best because it comes with a semi-dry snorkel. I don't need a dry snorkel, but, I like a little wave protection! Plus, I love this mask!!

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