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Apeks Exotec BCD

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Apeks Exotec Buoyancy Compensator Features

  • Exotec Buoyancy Compensator:
  • Revolution-In Diving Comfort
  • Functionality & Seductive Engineering Design
  • Ethos Behind Exotec is Synthesis of Equipment & Diver
  • Created to Fit Like-No-Other BCD
  • Flow w/Natural Movement of Diver's Body
  • Innovative BioReact Articulation
  • Paradigm of Form & Function
  • BioReact Articulating Waist System:

        Maximum Comfort
        Freedom of Movement

  • GripTek Fabric: Keeps BCD In-Place: On-Surface-&-Underwater
  • Bladder:

Super-Tough Armoguard Slick Skin
Increased Abrasion Resistance
Faster Drying & Reduced Risk of Bacterial Growth
Due to Slick Surface

  • Anodized Aluminum Hardware: Both Strong & Lightweight
  • G Hook Chest Strap & Tank Retainer: 1 Handed Simple Operation
  • 3 Position Height Adjustable Anodized Aluminum Backplate for Optimum Fit
  • Adjustable Waist & Shoulders
  • 2 Large Pockets: Fold-Up Flat to Reduce Drag
  • Wrapture Harness System:
    Specialized Back-Plate
    Valve Retention Strap
    Swivel Shoulder Buckles
    Unsurpassed Comfort
    Hugs Contours of Body, Providing Superior Comfort & Stability
    Supports Scuba Cylinder
    Prevents "Ride-Up" at Surface
  • Custom Fit: Achieved Through Any-One of 3 Sizes
  • Sure-Lock II Mechanical Weight Release System:
    Easy to Load: Weight Pockets Align Themselves
    Just Insert-the-Pocket Until-It "Clicks"
    Simple, Single-Pull Release
    Releasable Weight 20 lbs (9kg) Capacity
    Non-Releasable Weight 10 lbs (4.5kg) Waistband Pockets
    10 lbs (4.5kg) Bladder Trim Pockets
    Full Capacity 40 lbs (18.1kg)
  • 4 Dump Valves:
    1-In Each Corner
    3 Proprietary Flat Valves
    Very Streamlined & Effective
    Dump Valve On-Upper Left: Rapid Exhaust Valve Top of Powerline inflator
  • Aqualungs Power Line Inflator:
    Increased Fill Rate
    One of the Highest Air Flows In-the Industry
    Environmentally Sealed Unit, Less Maintenance
    Integrated-Hose Clips for Attachment of LP Hose
    Streamline & Low Profile
    Cable Activated Rapid Exhaust, Simply Pull-Down-On Lower Unit to Dump Air
  • 3/8" Threaded Low Pressure Quick-Disconnect Hose
  • Dual Bladder Retraction System: Pulls-In-Sides of Bladder During Deflation
  • Retraction System: Keeps Unit Streamlined & Reduces Drag
  • Lift Capacity: 45, 47, 49 lbs (20.4, 21.3, 22.2kg) Depending On Sizes
  • Owner's Manual
  • Available-In Multiple Sizes & Colors
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