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Marine Sports D Vein Lobster Tool

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This lobster intestinal removal tool is a must have for cleaning lobsters. The plastic tool makes quick work out of cleaning lobsters.

  • 7.25 x 5/8 x .75 inches
  • Ergonomic, soft, non-slip handle for a firm grip
  • Tamper proof plastic cap for child safety
  • Constructed from durable FDA approved plastic 
  • Sharp plastic spines grip intestins for smooth removal
  • Removes Intestinal Tract from Lobster Efficiently
  • Safer than Any Alternative Method
  • Prevents Improper Intestinal Removal
  • Helps Prevent Meat Spoiling and or Illness

CAUTION: This product contains sharp edges and intended for lobster deveining only. Use hand and eye protection while handling. Keep away from children.

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