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Is Scuba Camp for Your Child?

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Is Scuba Camp for Your Child?

Keep your kids active by signing them up to get scuba diving certified!

As a parent I remember doing a lot of research figuring out which summer camp would give my children a fun way to spend a week.  And if you are like me you are also looking for them to make lasting memories, make friends, put down the devices, and maybe even learn some skills that are useful.



Kids Camps

Does your child have a knack for science? Does your kiddo love to explore? Is it impossible to get your kid to leave the beach? Was Finding Nemo one of their favorite films? Is your kid into critters? I’ll stop here, if you answered "Yes" to one or more keep reading!


Scuba camp not only creates a fun way to learn those new skills but it is done so with other children in a relaxed and fun way. Don’t we all wish we had a bit more “child” in us as we are practicing our buoyancy skills?  What better way to introduce this skill then swimming through hula-hoops or by playing catch underwater with a toy shark making him “swim” through the hula-hoops while you are hovering weightlessly.


As far as summer camps go, scuba camp has some definite benefits. Can you think of another summer camp that allows campers to breathe underwater?  I wouldn’t think so! Scuba camp teaches skills that are used to earn certification but are valuable in life too. Think about the buddy system and how valuable it is for scuba divers, to not only be aware of themselves in the water but also watching out for their buddy. Another benefit is multiple days of relaxed repetition. There are many more benefits I could list but you get the idea.



Kids Camps

As an instructor one of my greatest joys is watching the campers during the week becoming more and more comfortable and proficient in and under the water.  I will never forget one day telling the scuba campers to practice buoyancy or practice some of the skills that we had worked on. I was within arms reach but didn’t interfere. As I was watching the campers to see what they had chosen to do I watched the shallow end of the pool and saw one of the campers “instructing” another camper to watch him while the other camper was to wait. This is how we teach students and they were doing it exactly how I had demonstrated to them on the first day. First, watch me demonstrate the skill then you perform the task when I point to you.  This was pure joy for me! The “instructor” was demonstrating how to remove and replace his mask! When they had finished they gave each other a high five. How quickly they had both become comfortable underwater!


So, imagine your child, starting at age 8, learning how to dive with multiple days of relaxed learning and practice in a fun environment of their peers. There are several scuba camps that Force-E holds each summer from Bubblemaker and Seal team, starting at age 8 for those too young for certification, to Jr. Open Water and Advanced Jr. Open Water. No matter what the age, we have a camp for your child. They will have fun and learn life long skills and of course they will have acquired the superpower to “breathe” underwater.  I’ll bet other summer camps can’t say that!



Cheryl Armstrong
Cheryl Armstrong is part of the Force-E Team working at the Pompano Beach location as a store staff member and Instructor. She is very passionate about making sure her students are very comfortable in and out of the water, while having fun! She is a mother of three grown children and a former ICU nurse, so naturally she enjoys teaching children and running summer camps. When Cheryl is not teaching scuba, you will find her out traveling, paddle boarding, sailing and riding motorcycles.