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Tovatec Seasurge PPU Scooter

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Get a move on with the Tovatec SeaSurge Underwater Scooter. This underwater scooter is fast, powerful, and boasts a compact, lightweight design. At less than 8 pounds and only slightly larger than one foot in diameter, this underwater propulsion device stands apart from the rest in its incredible portability. Worried about buoyancy when diving with the Seasurge? No problem, Tovatec includes 3 weights (1 large and 2 small) that screw into the top of the unit. They did this so you can get the buoyancy just right without over-weighting your system.

Another feature that makes the Tovatec SeaSurge desirable is its quick change battery design. With this design, when it’s time to recharge after around 90 minutes of fun in the sun and sea, if you have additional backup batteries at the ready, you won’t need to wait about 4-5 hours for a recharge. All it takes is about ten seconds to switch out the empty battery for a fully charged one so you can get right back in the water in no time. Just make sure you screw that battery cap back on firmly before you dive.

Choose between three speed modes, the highest of which reaches up to 4 mph, and enjoy the easy, user-friendly design of the Tovatec SeaSurge Underwater Scooter for all sorts of fast fun in the water.

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