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AquaLung Splash Kids Fins

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Deep See Jr. Splash Kids' Snorkeling fin has adjustable strap . Fins have a comfortable foot pocket with open toe.  Easy adjust quick-release buckle heel strap and the strap comes with a large finger grab loop for easy on/off. The fin is a composite design with a plastic blade and durable side-rails that channel the water down the blade for maximum propulsion.

Fins come packaged in a mesh drawstring bag with locking ABS plastic closure for carrying snorkeling gear. Overall dimensions based on size 1/4 (L x W) 16.75" x 7.0" (42.5 cm x 17.8 cm) and come in multiple sizes and colors.

  • Adjustable Strap
  • Comfortable Open Toe foot pocket
  • Easy Adjust Quick-Release Buckle Heel Strap
  • Large Finger Grab Loop 
  • Packed in Mesh Drawstring Bag 



| Kelsey N. 12-05-2020 17:56

Great for my kids and their friends. Adjustable back and soft foot pockets fit variety of foot sizes.

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