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Brownie's 3D Buoy

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- Stands 36 inches off the waterline (36 inches tall, 18 inches wide)
- Bright contrasting color scheme
- 3 12”x12” dive flags visible from all angles with “WARNING DIVER BELOW” imprinted
- Water ballast provides high stability in rough seas
- LED Flashlight that allows illumination from within – Included!
- Storage pocket
- Grab handle for easy deployment / removal from boat or shore
- Grab line
- Stainless Steel D-rings for a tow line and catch bag 

-Rising 36 inches high out of the water and measuring 18 inches in width, this 3-D dive buoy can be seen from all angles at a nominal distance of 1,000 feet.

-A hollow tube in the center of the buoy was created to insert a lighting device to illuminate the buoy from the inside out. When lit, it illuminates the entire buoy, making the three dive flags highly visible in darkness. The illumination does not conflict with any lighting configuration identified by the US Coast Guard.

-A water bladder at the base of the buoy acts as a counter balance to keep the buoy upright in all weather and water conditions, including heavy winds and rough seas.

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